Få webbappar att likna iOS7 →

2013-10-28 / 1 min.

Oerhört ambitiöst arbete är tillgängligt för läsning på How to create a web app that looks like a iOS7 native app.

So you want to create a mobile web app that doesn’t look like it’s from 2007 and loads fast to boot with, ideally looking and working just like a native app.

Now you might heave heard that Facebook famously switched to a native app citing performance concerns. However, you’re probably not Facebook and pushing terabytes of data around—most mobile apps just display some data and provide a way to input data (mostly just text) and that’s about it. Web apps do a great job, and you don’t have to develop a native app for each platform you want to support. Plus, you get to use skills you already have.

There’s three main areas that making a “native-like” mobile web app can be broken down to: